Traffic TV Affiliate Disclosure

Traffic TV, LLC offers free tutorials, reviews, comparisons, and tools for viewers on our YouTube channel, social media channels, and readers on our website here.  To fund our research and maintain this website so that it remains free for everyone, we are funded by referral fees.

Before Traffic TV we learned how to value domain names and use affiliate marketing to create successful business ventures. Many friends and family have asked questions about how to get started and were overwhelmed with information and no idea where to start. We decided that articles and videos were an easier way to share lots of information with lots of people. We made a promise to be unbiased and help our viewers with the same advice and information we give our family and friends. 

How do affiliate commissions work? We aim to provide comprehensive answers to your questions and assist you in making informed decisions regarding your business. When viewers and readers make their choice, the next step is to visit the desired website, product, or website builder and embark on your digital marketing journey. Through traceable links, companies are informed that their new customers were referred by Traffic TV, LLC, and we receive a fee at no additional cost to the end user. We believe this is the most equitable and transparent method for creating and distributing our content to viewers worldwide.

How can you support Traffic TV, LLC? We greatly appreciate your support, and the best thing about it is your support does not cost anything!  To support our efforts, just use our links before you make your buying decision. There will never be a fee or cost to you for doing so.